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Letting Go Of Craziness

Letting Go Of Craziness

Sometimes it takes an incredible focus to keep from being distracted by crazy people. You know the type. They lie, spin, insult, and blame everyone else to give themselves the illusion of control. They make fools of themselves as they attempt to hang on to control that isn’t theirs in the first place. They disrupt, behave themselves, only to disrupt again when folks least expect it. Nasty and vindictive doesn’t even begin to describe these people. And sadly, it’s never their responsibility to be better people. It’s ours to let it all go.

Many have a Jekyll and Hyde personality, civil one moment, nasty the next. So it makes no sense to believe anything they say especially when they’re behaving. It’s only a ploy to draw people in for their next attack. Their single-mindedness prevents them from caring about their effect on others preferring control over cooperative effort and if people are hurt by them, that’s just too bad.

I’ve had my fill of people like this. I tend to stay away from them unless I have no other choice in the matter. But sometimes it happens that I have to engage with these whack jobs and my empathic awareness allows me to really see what’s going on with them. That’s why I have to steer clear of people like this. Their craziness is just too much for me and I have a Psych degree.

Vendetta is their middle name as they move through life like locusts devouring everyone in sight. They lack simple compassion for others and take every opportunity to cast unwarranted blame, generally shitting on their victims. I know one individual who never met anyone she wouldn’t throw under the bus on the slightest whim in an effort to keep from accepting any responsibility for her own choices. These people fall down on the job and it’s never their fault. It’s better to spin and lie and blame the innocent. Life is simpler that way.

A binding spell is tempting with these people when they run amok for too long, but I’ve found that it’s better to not give them any attention at all. It keeps them off their game when no one is responding to them. And it’s never a good idea to meet with these people alone. Always take a buddy as a witness to their behavior. Otherwise, people might not believe you if their only interaction has been with the angel and not the devil.

Because I’ve dealt with so many of these people over my life I tend to crave solitude now. I can’t take the endless nasty sarcasm. It’s abusive and unnecessary and I see no reason for any of it. It stems from a narrative that serves only their purpose, whatever that is. It’s like not telling someone about something they’re supposed to do and then blaming them for not doing it. They take great delight in setting up others and more delight when they can cast blame and say I told you so leaving their victim wondering what just happened.

My husband worked with a guy like this years ago. It was like, was that a two by four up side of the head, or was it my co-worker? Hit and run. That’s their modus operandi, their standard operating procedure. And at 63, my husband has also had his fill of these folks. Black Belts are like that. We take so much and then we’re done. And we’re both done.

Bullshit like this is wasted motion to a martial artist, unnecessary and dangerous. It keeps conflict going and that’s never a good thing. Vindictiveness has a way of escalating into something these fools can’t control and the misery and hurt they cause cannot be easily undone. But they don’t care. After all, it’s for the rest of us to deal with.

Eventually, everyone around them is given a front row seat to their craziness so you’d think they’d think twice before screwing over innocent people. But in my experience, people who are so wrapped up in their own disturbed agenda never learn and they never change. And if they do, after experiencing their abuse, no one cares. It’d be nice if they could let go of their own craziness and live life in balance but no one should hold out for that.

It’s why I have a garden. And bees.

Blessings to all!

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Empath As Adversary

Empath As Adversary

I saw another article explaining why one should never mess with an empath. I tend not to read them anymore because I have a different take on who I am even though I understand why these articles are written. I’m turning sixty in October and I was born both a witch and an empath, so I understand the issues we face. But I have to wonder if articles that try to explain the nature of our awareness as some sort of a defense are really doing us any favors.

We live in a passive-aggressive world. The Law of One tells us that we each make a choice to live in service to self or in service to others and along with our inner polarity, that’s the essential duality in which we live. It also stresses that the Creator or Source is All That Is and that we are expressions of the All. What that means is if the Creator is All That Is, then everything and everyone is the Creator personified into some type of form. We’re not separate from each other; we only appear so while in form.

Our perceived separation is just that, a perception. Instead of seeing and experiencing everything through Source Vision, we do so through the self-possessed ego. If we all understood who we truly are, then there would be no need for articles cautioning people to be careful around empaths. We would all have that awareness. And now that we’re in the time of ascension, many are experiencing that immense awareness and remembrance of Self.

It’s true that empaths know things. We know when someone’s vibration changes and typically what’s going on when it does. Empaths naturally feel in to someone when their vibration changes to see what’s up. In fact, it takes a concerted effort not to do that. We do it to see if something is wrong and if we can possibly help. If the vibration feels uncomfortable, it may be that an energy vampire is around and we have to take steps at that point to shield ourselves from their intrusive energy. So we feel in for various reasons, either to be of assistance or to protect ourselves and others.

Unless they’re vampiric with their energy, empaths are typically nice people who are simply more aware of and experience their true nature than others appear to do. We come into our lives with this awareness and we couldn’t suppress it if we tried. And while it’s true that given our awareness it makes no sense to mess with us, suggesting so all the time seems to create an adversarial relationship that no one needs, especially the empath. We already feel out of place in the world. Why make it any more difficult?

Because here’s the thing: just because we know things doesn’t mean anyone will validate that awareness. What if there’s no proof of what we’re saying? What if it’s only our word? Trust me, people who want to cause trouble with others will deny outright everything they’re doing. Then it becomes a he said, she said situation with the person in question potentially becoming even more deceptive. I’m not suggesting that an empath keep his or her mouth shut when the situation requires them to speak up, but that it doesn’t always turn out well when we do.

We’re living in less than noble times. Those choosing the service to self model are ramping up their behavior to quash those living in service to others. An empath sees no reason for such behavior knowing that it’s silly and counterproductive. Because it’s really the same as if each cell of our body decided to do it’s own thing at the expense of the other cells in the body. Illness would break out and the body would die.

As long as I can remember, I’ve felt a sense of impending doom when conflict breaks out or when someone is manipulating others for their own end. It’s that oh no feeling that comes over me. I have always viewed myself as one with all and whenever I see or experience something that challenges or interferes with that truth, I experience it as if our very survival is threatened. Because in many ways, it is.

We must care about each other even if only on some basic level. We don’t have to always like everyone, but we need to know that each of us is essential and make every effort to convey that truth in our daily lives. The empath as adversary makes no sense when each one of us possesses that same awareness, remembered or not. The discomfort others feel around us is proof of that otherwise they would be none the wiser. Instead of focusing on how not to mess with us, how about focusing upon how we increase that remembrance of Self in others? How about we find a way back to each other instead of doing everything possible to remain apart?

Empaths are no one’s adversary. We’re family.


Blessed be


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Radiating Our Eternal Presence ~ Runecasting for 17 July 2017

Radiating Our Eternal Presence ~ Runecasting for 17 July 2017

I’ve been working with runes for most of my life. Still, I always feel as if I’m beginning anew every time I cast them. I use runes for divination and create bindrunes for use in rune magick. I love Tarot, but runes are my go-to divination tool if I really need to understand or know something about an individual or situation. I use the Elder Futhark because I’ve always used it. I’ve investigated other runic scripts but the Elder Futhark resonates the most.

I used an Asatru shape for Mjolnir, or the Hammer of Thor for the rune spread representing lightning and power. It’s often worn as a protection amulet but I like it for runecasting. Perception can cloud the truth and it’s not uncommon for people to become caught up in their beliefs to the point of treating others unfairly, but it’s sad nonetheless when it happens.

The rune Thurisaz also represents Thor’s Hammer and speaks of power and neutralizing enemies. Both defense and protection are among its influences and although it doesn’t appear in the runecasting, its influence is felt within the casting. I wondered where true power lies, in the quiet resonance of someone who goes about his business doing what he’s always done, or someone who can’t see the forest for the trees? The latter certainly can disrupt all sorts of things, peace of mind being one. There’s definitely power there but it’s a power that doesn’t generate from a position of strength, only from a frenetic viewpoint. There’s a shoot from the hip quality present as if no one pays attention to what’s come before, similar to the current occupant of the White House.

In dignity, a quiet sense of power resonates and it’s easy to remain aligned and undeterred from one’s goal. Truth is evident and one proceeds from that point. So when I cast the runes, I wondered what they would show about how power flows most effectively. From the top, we begin with Perthro followed by Gebo, Isa, Eihwaz, and Fehu. The overall numerology of the runecasting is one or new beginnings, wholeness, and unity and the influences of Fire, Water, and Air are represented.

Fate, birth, and the power of the Norns to determine outcomes are among Perthro’s influences. Open to the right, Perthro suggests birth and to the left, death. Synchronicity and cause and effect are in play when Perthro appears in a runecasting. Also the childbirth rune, it could indicate my new granddaughter, but I believe in this case it refers to a new way of perceiving.

Gebo creates balanced energy exchange. Also known as the gift, Gebo supports mutual benefit and generosity, partnership and equilibrium. To come together in unity with others is a gift like no other.

Isa, a Norn rune representing Verdandi and stasis, influences the development of will and teaches us that strength can be found in inner stillness or solitude. Considered a binding rune, Isa brings unwanted situations to a halt to provide time for reconsideration. Isa blocks energy and can be used to turn an attackers energy against him. Its presence in a runecasting can also indicate that a blockage of sorts is causing a situation not to progress.

I love the rune, Eihwaz. It provides a connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of self and is also useful in bindrune creation. The strength of the yew is felt with Eihwaz as it fosters endurance and survival as it prevents self-destructive behavior. Eihwas is also useful in astral travel, shamanic journeying, and hedgeriding.

Finally, Fehu begins the Elder Futhark representing wealth and cattle. The sending rune, Fehu sends power and intention and increases the effect of surrounding runes. As the final rune of the runecasting, Fehu brings all other runic influences into focus and then sends their collective vibration to the universe, making it an essential rune for rune magick. Fehu takes our goals to the next level and helps us achieve success as it attracts and protects wealth.

Perception requires that we make real the world around us. We judge what’s going on and then our perceptions run amok. Gebo talks about creating balanced energy exchange. But it’s not just with others but within the self that it matters the most. Balancing our physical and nonphysical aspects of self allows each of us to see and experience the world around us through the eyes of Source Vision, from our true and eternal Self.

For power to flow, we need that balance. Without it, we become stuck in our focus responding to what we see instead of radiating that presence from within. Isa tells us to find our still point, that place where we discern truth from perception. Our fate is what we make it, irrespective of the influence of the Norns. When we give away our power to the belief system of others, we lose who we truly are.

Fate then becomes synonymous with allowing the Self to experience life without judgment. What does it matter in the end? We choose the overall theme of our lives in form and without judgment, our experiences can be viewed with a sense of curiosity instead of fear.

The bindrune brings our focus to our still point, allowing us to pause and regroup. As we remove judgment from the equation we allow experiences to unfold for experience’s sake. We have no need for conflict with others because there is no conflict remaining within. The sense of balance that’s achieved radiates outward sending that intention to the universe.

Bindrunes can be chosen and combined together or they can be drawn intuitively from the rune bag. I prefer the latter. Here’s the bindrune I created for radiating our eternal presence:



Blessed Be

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I love the word, fuckery. It’s better than dickery although that one works as well. But fuckery really says it all, doesn’t it? The current regime occupying the White House is an example of fuckery on steroids. They want to eliminate health care coverage for the most vulnerable and affect the coverage of everyone else. My first grandchild was born two days ago and had these fools repealed the ACA, it could have threatened her care. The regime wants access to our voter data which most states are denying and when some of our citizens voiced their concern through emails, I read an article that said the White House published them, personal data and all. It was vindictive and more fuckery from an already fuckery-saturated group of people.

But nevertheless, I find the Republicans fascinating to watch, if only in small doses. Because I really can’t take much of their endless fuckery without screaming at the TV. It’s so odd how they never seem to answer any questions. I know people who do that and it’s like they bowl over you in the conversation, talking so fast that they don’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. And if you do get a word in, they ignore it completely as if you said nothing. It’s fuckery, pure and simple. They want to control the message and they don’t care how ridiculous they look in the process. And I assure you, they look ridiculous.

They blame everyone else for their own shortsightedness while those looking on simply shake their heads in disbelief. The fuckery crowd has their own agenda and no one can disabuse them of any of it. No amount of reason, let alone truth, has any effect on these single-minded fools. They brand themselves as Patriots while one of Donald’s children meets with Russian operatives. When did this happen in our country, that we let a country with as questionable a record as Russia upend our presidential election? Who decided this was a good idea? They give away our country to win at all costs? Fuckery.

Our alleged serial sexual harasser in the White House appeared to roughly grab the First Lady of France by the arm after making inappropriate comments to her about her appearance. Donald, you don’t put your hands on women. Period. Just like you don’t enter the dressing room of underage girls at a pageant you host. The First Lady of France is thin and her arms are even thinner. What would have happened it he’d snapped it like a twig? Would he have been taken down by France’s version of our Secret Service? The video clip I saw was beyond disturbing. Donald has to keep his hands off women as well as his comments about them to himself. More fuckery from a guy with a seemingly endless supply.

From the Attorney General to that Flynn character, too many are fine with lying through their teeth about what Russian they’ve been in the same room with. Because it’s not a different perspective or even a spin. These people lie. And they’re fine with that. And Donald sees no problem asking staff for a strange level of loyalty or tweeting out classified information. He creates his own brand of fake news on Twitter and typically has no idea what he’s even talking about.

It’s all fuckery. All of it. And if they’re not stopped soon, our country will be in ruins. It would be nice if the Republicans could come together with the rest of us to support the investigation into the hacking of our election. You’d think that they’d be worried that they’ll be the targets next time. Because although this was definitely serious, it feels like a lark in some ways. Donald asks Vladimir if he hacked our election. Vladimir said, no. Well, there you go. And then they brushed each other’s hair, skipped about the room and then decided to form a cyber-security group to look into election hacking. Okay, I made all of that up but the last part. Vladimir doesn’t have enough hair to brush and skipping might be too much for Donald should his bone spurs ever come back. But now the door to the hen house has been flung fully open and the fox is salivating.

That’s the problem with fuckery. It lays the groundwork for so much more to happen. All the behind the scenes work these people do to ensure their success at our expense will cost the country dearly. These fools can’t even have a White House press briefing with the cameras rolling. Why any journalist worth his or her salt would ever sit there while the regime suppresses them this way is astonishing. Why cooperate? Why not walk out of the room? Make a statement. Stand your ground for the rest of us. Because to suppress journalists in any manner is the beginning of the end of democracy. A free press is essential to our knowing truth from fiction. And Donald’s hissy fits about fake news shouldn’t drive the moment.

Besides, we’re better than this. And the fuckery needs to stop.


Article Links:

  1. Ingraham, Christopher. White House releases sensitive personal information of voters worried about their sensitive personal information . Washington Post. July 14, 2017.
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Awaiting Aubrey

Awaiting Aubrey

Our first grandchild is due any moment now. We live several hours from our youngest son and daughter-in-law, but as soon as we get the word, we’re there. Nothing could keep us from meeting Aubrey. Nothing. She is already loved beyond measure and we can’t wait until she’s here!

I remember wanting girls and instead, I got two boys. But that was okay. Our boys were and are the focus of our lives and we adore them. I stayed home for the first six years of motherhood returning to work after my youngest was four. We had a karate school by that time and our boys trained off and on during their childhood. When the boys had finished seventh and fourth grades respectively, they began homeschooling and would continue that until they began attending college. It was an interesting life albeit one that was a little outside the norm but they both were graduated from college and now have successful lives of their own.

And then the best news came! Our daughter-in-law was pregnant! When we heard the news about Aubrey we were over the moon! I held off buying anything for a while because I knew once I started I wouldn’t stop. They made the mistake of inviting us to the baby shower and letting us know about their registry at Amazon. Full confession: I went a little crazy. And then there’s the baby department in every big box store in town. I can’t seem to walk by without buying something. So there’s more to take when the time comes.

Sadly, we were unable to attend the baby shower because my husband was keeping the water flowing to our 14 person water association while we waited for the drillers to arrive. But the new well is in and now we await Aubrey’s arrival. One of our bee hives swarmed twice during that time and as we were collecting them up I couldn’t help but imagine Aubrey in a little bee suit helping us with a swarm. Children are a natural with bees and make wonderful beekeepers. And I can’t wait to see her in her first suit!

When Aubrey arrives she’ll go home with two parents who will surround her with love and devotion. They’ve prepared their home as well as her room for Aubrey’s arrival and it’s clear that the endless love they share will be showered on their daughter. Their home sits on some acreage giving Aubrey all the room she needs to play and create. And given the parents she has, her life will be full of discovery and promise.

Her grandparents both near and far will teach her things only grandparents know and Aubrey will know deeply the love that only grandparents can provide. From horses and gardening to herbs and experiencing nature, Aubrey will benefit from an unconditional love and legacy that will sustain her throughout her life to come.

We’re all waiting for you, baby girl. Besides, there’s nothing like a baby to hold. And we can’t wait to hold Aubrey.

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A Walk In The Garden ~ When Vampiric Energy Becomes Too Much

A Walk In The Garden ~ When Vampiric Energy Becomes Too Much

I’ve been dealing with an onslaught of vampiric energy lately. I experience it at the grocery store, on walks with my husband, anywhere really. At one point, I began having panic attacks whenever a particular individual came within twenty feet or so of me. He had an agenda to harass and generally annoy someone who didn’t need any of that. His focus was so intense that even though I was not his target I could pick up on his intentions without being in his immediate presence. It felt sticky and cloying and I could barely breathe. When he was gone, I could breathe again.

Empaths deal with uncomfortable energy all the time. Most people don’t intend for us to experience their moods and feelings but it happens nevertheless. And it’s not just their emotional resonance that empaths experience but also their thoughts and future intentions. And if we feel in, we can know even more about what’s going on. In the case of the aforementioned individual, it may be that alcohol is involved, either as an existing problem or as a potential one. He doesn’t appear intoxicated at the time he interacts with others, but his late night emails feel odd so I have to wonder. It’s an impression I get every time I see or think about him.

Passive aggression can also be expressed vampirically and I believe at least some of the people I’ve been experiencing lately suffer from that predilection. Irrespective of the situation, each one seems unwilling to answer questions they find to be inconvenient and play dumb while everyone else is left wondering what just happened to them. Either that or they’re off and running with endless excuses that mean absolutely nothing preferring distraction to truth. And since empaths need truthful interaction with others, dealing with someone who is both passive-aggressive and an energy vampire is a real lesson in letting go of any and all outcomes. Although we want the truth from these people, we’ll never get that validation so it’s best to know what we know and move along. Quickly.

Energy vampires need control. Without it, their focus is on regaining that control no matter how foolish they look in the process, even to the point of threats, veiled or otherwise. And when that happens, it’s difficult to feel safe around these people. Energy vampires may think they’re clever, but in truth, they’re as transparent as they come. Oh, they’ll try to craft their threats in a way that leaves them open to interpretation but empaths see past any deception.

Because of our inherent curiosity, empaths have a hard time looking away from vampiric energy, especially if it surrounds or moves through us. Even though it feels awful, I still want to know what’s going on. Typically I drop resistance and allow my consciousness to spread out past my physical body and simply observe the vibration. A vampire desires interaction and then to control that interaction. If I drop resistance vampires tend to leave me alone because it’s the conflict or power struggle they want and I prefer not to become entangled with them. However, if they’re insistent, I cast a circle and then begin to push my energy outward. That tension is felt by the vampire and then it’s game on and one the vampire will not win. Chanting Deflexio deflects the intrusion while Reflexio reflects the energy back to the vampire. Sometimes these fools view a witch as a challenge. Bad decision on their part.

The truth of this is that vampiric energy can’t hurt us unless we agree so why would an empath agree to such nonsense? We’re far stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. But when we experience vampiric energy it’s not always easy to stay in control. It’s that icky. But it’s important that we not become caught up in someone else’s stuff. It’s unnerving and we don’t need that.

Staying in our own focus and not that of another is critical if empaths want peace of mind. I find that I stay home more now. Going out around such disparate energy is too much especially in larger grocery stores so I prefer shopping in the evening whenever possible. Otherwise, I water my garden and tend to my plants. Life is less complicated in the garden. No agenda, just growth.

Even social media has become difficult to experience except in small doses. Sometimes I have to block people not because they’re abusive but because their vibration is so intense. I feel bad but I’m not sure what else I can do. All we are is thought made manifest, so whether or not an empath is in the same vicinity as an energy vampire makes no difference. Just as a passage from a book can evoke strong emotions, an empath can get impressions from online interactions whether it’s from an email or a tweet.

People are worried these days and it affects their interactions with others. With all the stress and uncertainty people are experiencing with the new regime empaths will need to do whatever is necessary to protect themselves even if it means hiding out. I’m lucky to live on five acres. I can lose myself on the property with no difficulty whatsoever. And for an empath who’s also a hedgewitch, I’m fine with that.

Blessed Be

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Allowing And The Illusion Of Control

Allowing And The Illusion Of Control

At first blush, Failure and Ruin don’t exactly portend a positive outcome with the Wheel of Fortune, but then that’s Tarot for you. Things aren’t always as they seem. Haindl uses Crowley’s titles for both the 7 of Stones (Disks in the Thoth Tarot) and the 10 of Swords respectively offering a negative connotation to both cards. Earth and Air are the elements influencing today’s reading and IChing hexagrams or guas appear on each of the numbered cards reflecting a Standstill and The Abysmal. The rune, Jera, appears on the Wheel of Fortune signifying the cyclical nature of life and the overall numerology of the reading is 9 or completion. We’ve come full circle and we’re experiencing the genesis of something new.

Seven stones in varying size appear suspended before a tree, ancient and broken. Failure is its title, but I prefer the hexagram meaning of Standstill for the 7 of Stones. We’re a little scattered right now, but the potential exists for a positive outcome. As the stones remain suspended, we’re reminded that sometimes it’s best to pause and take stock of the situation before moving forward. Additionally, seven is the number for divinity and magick representing our intuition as well as our shadow side. Seven strikes a particular balance with three points on either side of a center point. In the case of the 7 of Stones there is a lack of balance depicted by the stones in disarray.

10 swords penetrate the ground below, broken tips scattered about. We’ve gone as far as we can go, the ten swords blocking any further entrance to the ancient city. The hexagram associated with the 10 of Swords suggests a deeper meaning may be found in the process over our intended goal. In other decks, the 10 of Swords suggests that it’s darkest before the dawn and suggests that we listen to our inner voice, allowing our instincts to guide us forward. Center, align, and then know. 10 reduces to 1 and suggests wholeness and new beginnings also reinforced by the final card in the reading, card 10 of the Major Arcana.

Zeus looks down on creation from above while the Goddess gazes upward at the Wheel of Fortune. Synchronicity and rebirth, the cycle of life itself, are the Wheel of Fortune’s primary meanings. Irrespective of how we wish to control everything, life has a way of continuing on in spite of us. The illusion is that we have much effect at all. In fact, that may be the counsel of the Goddess, of Mother Earth herself. Observe more while controlling less.

In our attempts to control others or a particular outcome, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture as well as any positive contribution we might make. Instead of experiencing something in a way that contributes to a positive outcome any organized efforts take a back seat to our own need for control. The 7 of Stones and the 10 of Swords demonstrate what happens when we get in the way of our own process. But as one door closes, another typically opens if we suspend judgment and allow the process to unfold trusting that with a unified effort, things will turn out right in the end.

We can make our interaction with others, our experiences here in this life, one of allowing or one of control. The Wheel will spin irrespective of our choice.

Blessed Be